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So if you want to do the lighting person and maybe work on some the other home on amazing things
if you wanted something like just get a sound system put in and have live music to the home and maybe be able to do in the light that’s great you don’t have to do security up front you don’t have to install the cameras and fairly and these are all going to be options in the cold be a plan that eventually you want to have the smartest home in the world and that’s great we would love to help you with that but what you to take incremental steps and making them there and understand the process.

Smartphones are really important as well. It is are can be the way you want to use the stuff from your phone. You want access it you need someone to be able to have a nap were some type of device we can use to get these things sent to us our services are can be great if you want to get some really great a controlled ever give us a call come by getting us some of the lighting control ever.

If you want to do more than just have a nice home done he was great construction and I design yours without the really behind-the-scenes it is the actual smartphone things are gonna be really great for you you can evening and incorporate Google home or Alexa into the homes smart system that way you can just be talking in the home and ask like the place something do something whatever and we will deal do it out there’s just so many different things that can be hooked up and integrated into the smart system in the home that it’s really going to kind of to have your home sort of like you are so phone if you be really tailored specifically to you and so when you come in its can really create an environment for you.

We also do a great job at helping with the climate control many times climate control especially with homes in Hawaii can be a big deal because many people do not live in the Psalms year-round they only come down here for certain parts of the year etc. and so on and I hear they love to be able to control the climate in the home make sure that things don’t get too cold so maybe we can do whatever we can to help you text Maria hey did you and CJ make it okay this morning just wanted to check on you to

free things like that which is not only going to happen in Hawaii but the point is that you can control that when you’re not there turn stuff down so the not so cool in the home when you’re not there etc. gives call the lady to get you to the services we love to have you come and check out everything we can of you never the consultation over to look at what we can do what but you have and how are going to make the most of we can do 808-445-9989 or go online right now

audio visual hawaii | distinctly making moves

Do you want to get some of the best audio visual Hawaii is ever seen been come here were gonna deal great of the do income is were can be of to get solutions your home now you never the possible. You loving of to get the seven services because were can be of to create and I’ll be awesome in your entire home right here in Hawaii were gonna make your home a smart home smartphones are really going to be automated homes are can have systems such as Crestron were Savant arc restaurant those things in the in the home and you have something like that

we always of the best audio visual Hawaii here in your own do it because we had some of the messages in you can be of to lock your doors from when you’re not home you can be a turnoff life alarm systems measure the temperature lower shades in powerdown nonessential devices such as communal microwaves things like that I mean everything you can be of to do with these systems is amazing man you can even see the energy level that you’re using what you’re not home monitor everything possible that you can monitor when you’re not here

If you have any questions about anything that we offer you know is gives a call would love to explain home automation to you better with of to explain temperature control you know is when the lighting how we perfect all these different ways to get an ambience in a different way to have your home control happen so you have any questions about be of to control things in your home

Have to know that we are going to do a great job every time we do when it comes to customer service we consistently overdeliver were gonna make your home look amazing you have an aggressive any we offer double to give us a call come by because were can be the want to the gonna say exactly 5 get all these today our services are some of the best in the world you love getting them nobody’s ever can be of to get better services we will can be of to continue to you in of you want now.

Climate control is very important if you want to find out easy is can be to get some of the climate control in the world that only give us a call to Mike’s were can be of to fight tooth and to makes you everything you need here are services are great and you will love them no one else is ever going to do better than we can you love the services we offer you and your simply be able to get whatever it is that you need or want right here because the fact is were gonna do a good job at it your home will be so fun when you come into of the no one’s ever gonna want to come anywhere else but right here because when it comes to audio visual Hawaii we do a better job than anybody I know 808-445-9989 or go online right now